Saudi Society of General Surgery

Memebrs registration

Active members:

1. Provide a certificate of specialization in the field of Surgery.

2. Committed to pay the membership full fees whenever due, the active member will therefore posses the full voting right.

3. Comply with any other conditions and requirements decided by the board of directors.

4. A decree of acceptance for admission has to be issued from the board of directors.


Affiliate members:

Those who are interested and wish to participate in the associations activities:

1. Do not carry a certificate in the specialty of Urology and residents in training, university students.

2. Other professionals working in the field of Urology but are not urologists such as nurses and technicians are welcomed to join as affiliate members.

3. The member’s fees are reduced by 50% for this category. Affiliate members may attend general assembly and other meetings may share in discussions, express opinions, but have no right to vote.


Honorary members:

Are voted upon during the general assembly and granted to those who are distinguished and participated actively to develop the association and its activities in a significant way, and those who provided substantial financial or moral support to the association. Honorary members are exempted from the membership fees, and they may attend the general assembly and other committee meetings, they may actively participate in the discussions and be informed of decisions

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